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Limited Warranty on Leather and Fabric Lounges

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  1. In addition to the warranties implied by the Trade Practices ACT 1974 (Cth) or any other law, Always Trading T/A United House warrants that your leather lounge (Product) is supplied free of material defect (Leather Lounges Warranty).
  2. A claim under the Leather Lounges Warranty must be submitted to Always Trading T/A United House, via email within 24hours of the fault occurring and within 12 months of the date of purchase, validated by providing a copy of the original sales order or tax invoice, digital photographic evidence and a brief description. The item must not be used until it has been repaired. Any further damage that occurs from use whilst an item is in need of repair will not be covered under warranty and may void further warranty claims.
  3. A claim under this Leather Lounges Warranty in relation to recliner and sofa bed mechanisms which are of a mechanical nature (moving parts), must be submitted to Always Trading T/A United House within 12 months of the date of purchase and are a parts only warranty.
  4. Liability for breach of this Leather Lounges Warranty and, to the extent leagally permitted, liability for breach of any warranty, condition or right that is implied under the Trade Practices ACT 1974 (Cth) or equivalent legislation which cannot be excluded, will be limited, at Always Trading T/A United House's option, to the replacement or repair of the Product or the supply of an equivalent product.
  5. This Leather Lounges Warranty is subject to the Product being cared for in accordance with the relevant care instructions.
  6. This Leather Lounges Warranty is limited to the original purchaser at the original delivery address for a period of 12 months starting from the date of full payment.
  7. To the extent permitted by law Always Trading T/A United House is not liable, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), under any statute or otherwise, for or in respect of:
    1. normal wear and tear;
    2. the natural characteristics of the product;
    3. damage caused by any spills such as acid, solvents, dyes or other corrosive materials, ink, paint or bodily fluids;
    4. damage caused by improper cleaning, negligence, treatment of the Product with chemicals, exposing the Product to the sun, extreme heat or bright light such as lamps; and
    5. the cost of transporting the Product to and/or from the specified place of repair or replacement.
  8. You acknowledge and agree that the Product is handmade and therefore the size and weight of the Product may vary by up to 10% from the sample product or from any product specifications you have been quoted.
  9. Subject to any warranty, condition or right implied by the Trade Practices ACT 1974 (cth) or any other law which may not be excluded, restricted or modified by agreement, all implied conditions, warranties and rights are excluded.


Care Information

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Depending on the lounge you purchase (please see item description for full details), the covering will be 1 of the following

  • Genuine aniline leather (all external areas)
  • Genuine aniline leather on all rest and seating areas (including top of arm rest) and have substituted leather on the back, side and skirting areas of the lounge. These areas, will be either Vinyl or Pu (man made) leather and should be treated the exact same as genuine leather areas.
  • Genuine By-Cast Leather
  • Fabric
  1. If you are removing any protective wrapping do not use any sharp tools which could damage the leather or other upholstered covering.
  2. Conditioning your leather before using it will help protect against stains and help keep your leather soft and supple. We recommend reapplying leather conditioner every 4 weeks.
  3. If you move your lounge do not lift or drag it by the cushions which are sewn into the frame. The correct way to move it is by lifting the sofa, at each end, from the base.
  4. Please do not sit on the armrests and backrests. They are not designed for seating and could potentially damage the frame.
  5. Do not expose any part of the lounge to direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to direct or intense sunlight may cause leather and fabric to fade as well as excessive drying and cracking.
  6. Avoid placing the lounge near heat sources as they can fade and damage the leather or fabric. In extreme climates you will need to moisturise the leather more often.
  7. For removing any spills use a damp cloth immediately as food oils can permanently bond with the leather and water based stains will leave a mark if allowed to soak in.
  8. Never use solvents, abrasives, shoe or saddlery care products. Only ever use industry recommended leather care products suitable for the type of leather. These are available to purchase from United House and most furniture outlets.
  9. We recommend vacuuming your sofa with an upholstery attachment and wiping over the leather with a clean cloth and leather soft cleaner weekly as dirt and grime can act as an abrasive on leather.
  10. Cushioning will soften over time, to reduce the impact of this, change the position in which you commonly sit so each seat wears evenly.
  11. Dirt and body moisture can discolour fabric. We recommend a simple vacuum of you fabric sofa every week. This will also remove grit that can wear away the fabric.
  12. For fabric lounges we recommend professional steam cleaning on an annual basis for a deep clean.
  13. Loose threads must be cut and not pulled.


Warranty Form

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