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How To Design The Hamptons-Style Outdoor Area Of Your Dreams

Posted on March 13 2023

Do you want to transform your outdoor area into a stunning Hamptons-style paradise? With the right design tips and tricks, it doesn't require much effort. The classic look of the Hamptons-style outdoor area evokes lazy summer days spent luxuriating in the sun and cool nights enjoying the stars. It has a timeless, relaxed nature that exudes effortless sophistication.

You don't need to live by the coast to bring a little piece of the Hamptons to your home. With careful planning and the right choices, you can turn any outdoor area into a beautiful and serene Hamptons-style outdoor area escape. Here's how to do it:

The classic Hamptons colour scheme

When you think of Hamptons style, the first thing that comes to mind is calming shades of white and beige with accents of ocean blue.

The white sandy beaches and deep blue sea of the Hamptons coastline inspire the colours of this popular style. To recreate this look in your outdoor space, opt for shades of white as a base colour and choose soft furnishings, like chair cushions, in pale neutral tones.

The natural look should extend to your furniture choices — think rattan and pale teak or whitewashed furniture to create a coastal vibe.

Soft greys also work well in Hamptons-style outdoor areas — mix them with whites and beiges to create an inviting, airy atmosphere.

Add pale or navy blue touches to your soft furnishings or accessories if you need more contrast. But if you want to stick to the theme, opt for more muted shades rather than the brighter hues associated with Greek islands.

Choosing outdoor furniture

The perfect Hamptons-style outdoor area should be designed with entertaining in mind. After all, what better way to enjoy the outdoors than with friends and family?

With that in mind, opt for large outdoor furniture that can seat many guests if you have the space. An outdoor dining table is a must-have, and you can opt for Hamptons-style outdoor furniture like wicker chairs with upholstered seating. Synthetic options, like this Malawi outdoor chair, look at natural materials with better durability and practicality.

For added luxury, consider an outdoor day bed for lounging and relaxing. Or, if your space is limited, a small casual seating area with comfy chairs and a coffee table, such as this round wicker model in pale grey, will provide an inviting spot for coffee and chats.

Inviting seating, like a hanging chair or outdoor lounge set, will help you make the most of covered patio areas. You can accessorise your Hamptons outdoor dining area with rugs, cushions and throws for extra comfort.

If you have a pool, a few sun loungers are a must-have. Choose ones with sturdy frames in a light colour like this Breeze lounger with cream cushions to stay true to the Hamptons style.

Adding greenery

No outdoor area is complete without some greenery! Plants are an essential part of creating a Hamptons look.

You can bring the beach to your backyard with an array of potted plants arranged on pebble-lined pathways. Of course, the Australian climate favours different species of plants to the New York coastline, but plenty of options suit our environment.

Potted palms, fiddle leaf figs and even a pineapple plant will add a touch of the tropics to your outdoor area. For a more classic Hamptons outdoor setting, plant some boxwood hedging or go for an ivy-covered wall for a lush green backdrop.

Bringing comfort and character with design details

To complete your Hamptons-style outdoor area, add some accessories and decorative pieces that reflect the classic coastal look. Rattan or seagrass baskets and trays, linen table runners and comfy throws can all help to create a relaxed feel.

The soft glow of candles and lanterns is a great way to set the mood in the evening, while rustic accessories like driftwood ornaments can add character and depth. And if you want to bring the beach vibe home, hang some of your favourite shells in an eye-catching display.

An elegant flower arrangement or potted orchid will add a finishing touch to your dining area while entertaining. And don't forget to choose your tableware carefully — the Hamptons look is all about clean and impeccable styling, so the little things count.

Following these tips, you can turn your outdoor space into a luxurious and relaxing haven in no time. With a little effort and creative styling, you can enjoy the perfect Hamptons-style oasis without needing to hop on a plane.


What is Hamptons style?

Hamptons style is an American aesthetic that combines classic coastal decor with modern luxury. Characterised by its beachy feel, whitewashed tones and natural textures, the Hamptons look can be achieved using light-coloured furniture, rattan accents and greenery.

What colours are Hamptons style?

Whites and blues often characterise the Hamptons look, but you can also incorporate shades like grey, beige and natural tones for a more subtle approach. Avoid bright or dark colours as they don't usually fit with the Hamptons-style aesthetic.

What is Hamptons style exterior?

The typical homes of the Hamptons feature architectural details like white weatherboard siding, shingle roofs and natural stone. You can incorporate aspects of these elements into your exterior design to create the classic Hamptons look. A light and airy colour scheme, a few potted plants, a sun-drenched outdoor dining area and comfortable seating can also help you achieve an inviting outdoor escape.